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And these

These too, photos from iPhone hence that ‘special’ quality. In fact this whole post is from the iPhone. hope this makes me edgy and stuff.


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Home Sweet Home Pillow

A cushion made as a housewarming present for a friend. I really enjoyed making it, although ironing into chenille is not to be recommended!

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Ipod cosy

All through the summer holidays I have been thinking about sewing, just thinking and no doing. I plan to do a stall for a Macmillan day in Sept but so far I have sewn nothing. Nada.
Yesterday I got a bit of groove on and made myself an iPhone cosy. Like a tea pot cosy but for the iPhone 🙂
There is still work to be done, getting the sizing right, the fastening, ease of use etc but it it’s a start and gets the creative juices flowing. It’s just do damn hard to look after 3 kids of 10, 7 & 3 all day trying not to resort to full time computer or tv when they all want to do different things that involve me requiring eyes in the back of my head. We have not had to phone the police or go to A&E so far do I consider it a success.
I am still figuring out the iPhone, am posting this from it in fact, I almost do without the laptop now, it really is a lot more than a phone, sigh.

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