a new object of affection


Now, I am not the most organised of people, not by any shot, but I try really hard to be every so often (probably twice a year when the junk gets to eye level and I cannot stand it anymore). so with the junk getting in the way of life in general I bought a label maker, ‘cos a label maker is going to make it all better isn’t it? infact it will do the sorting, throwing and cleaning for me 🙂
Although I ostensibly bought this for Hubs to use for his filing, let’s face facts here, he’s ain’t gonna use a pink one is he? even though I got it for £8.50 off of ebay (but a lot of postage).
It works like a dream, a label makers dream, especially as I paid one half to one third of what online retailers are charging for it. It makes every smoothly produced little label with ‘usb cable’ or ‘phone charger’ even sweeter.
We do honestly have a glut of cables in this house that inexplicably are unhomed, and Hubs does in fact label the cables to the dvd recorder/sky+/tv with post it notes and cut down address labels so we can work out what goes where when we move everything once every 3 year to clean.

I have convinced myself that this little piece of organisation magic will propel me into a Desperate Housewife state of orderlyness and cleaniliness. I am secretly a Bree lover and would simply love to be all neat and controlling like that.
So here we are at the start of my journey………let’s see how we do!

(I may post some honest pics of my house and the state of it, I may not as I am so ashamed)


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  1. So, how is the clearing up going? I need to get back to it again as it’s piling up all around me once again. Driving me mad and means I can’t settle to do much as I keep getting distracted by all the clutter.

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