I Lost


Now I am going to a. write down all the lbs I need to lose and cross off the first 2 and a half and b. try and work out if I can put a weight loss widget on my sidebar.

The kids are now on half term holidays. I have booked tennis for them for 2 days next week and little Pip is going to go to Tots Tennis for an hour every day. We have sketched out plans to visit the Zoo on Sunday, although I am usually most reluctant to visit places like this I am sure good weather and the kids enthusiasm will pull me through.

I have wiped my laptop and reloaded Vista. This means that I now have no photos stored on my hard drive – they are triple backed up on disk, external hard drive and portable external hard drive. But what that means is it is now slightly more inconvenient to walk the 2 yards to my dining room to get the portable HD AN D then walk back again to plug it in AND then upload to flickr AND then remember to add pictures to the blog. So if I lose a bit more weight and manage to move myself from one room to another perhaps the blog will get more interesting and I will upload some pics. 🙂


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