I was going to try so hard too…

so far on the ‘Every Day in May’ thing I have done 1 sewing thing on 1 day. Not a good average. My mojo has up and left me, leaving me flailing around wandering the internet in search of inspiration.

I may have found it in this a wonderful pin cushion that is so much more than a pin cushion.  I won’t post a pic as I have not asked permission. But the things made on this fabulous blog are stunning – real professional and slick 🙂  I love that.

However, despite the deep and unrelenting funk I am in here are some things i am enjoying today (and that does not include the kids downstairs fighting and shouting over my laptop and virtually breaking it)

I am still not understanding wordpress too much hence the stupid photo layout, but these are my favourite images – it should go like this

1. Boys on the Beach at Eastbourne – a rare ‘everyone looking at the camera at the same time’ shot

2. Loving potty training – ok, so I left it really really late but it’s not a problem when the gentleman in question decides to run with it and get himself dry in under a week (update – he’s now standing to pee)

3. really I do love him, he’s a force of nature, that needs to be treated with caution and heaps of motherly understanding (that sounds like me, no?)

4. oh how I love my new portable hard drive – it’s so easy, so wonderful and so reassuring incase my doozy of a laptop crashes and burns soon.


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