I am going to try hard to do this

I have downloaded a mozilla add-on called ‘noscript’ which is making my life a bit of  nightmare at the moment. Seems like a lot of sites are driven by useful scripts.  I was trying to ban the nasty scripts.  Really, I should just leave well alone.

Craft wise I am in yet another slump. No sewing has been done since Easter, nor has any papercraft or knitting. The house is tidier though, not that I get a warm glow from that – more of a ‘please notice how tidy my house is please’ to all my non-existent visitors!

Truth be told the adjustment of having Hubs back at work is taking longer than I thought, I kinda got used to having him around.  I can’t say he’s going to work with a skip and a jump either, but someone has to pay for my fabric habit and it ain’t gonna be me.

So I am going to try really hard to get something crafty achieved every day in May, one of the blogs in my reader (loobylu) had reference to it and I read the posts and thought it was a good challenge – not too difficult but a challenge all the same.

I am far behind in what I want to have done and it’s purely through my own laziness and distractedness. I have been doing stuff, but housekeeping stuff – keeping the place tidy, gardening, mourning the loss of our little cat etc and I need to kick start my sorry arse into gear.

So tomorrow it starts :), with a belated birthday Wee Wonderfuls doll for my friends daughter.  I will put up a list on a new post of what I want to achieve and cross it off as I get it done with the date.


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