Biscuit Riley 1990 – 2009

Biscuit Riley 1990 – 2009, originally uploaded by toniann.

Our cat Biscuit was put to sleep this morning. We’d had her 19 years since she was a tiny kitten. She was a quiet little thing, kept herself to herself and didn’t like to be petted too much or held. But she was such a part of our lives, her presence was always felt. She lasted for so long the very thought of her not being here anymore was too heartrending to bear.
But she was sick and clearly coming to the end of her days. An emergency trip to the vets (with the kids) and it was plain what needed to happen. So apart from Hubs we said our goodbyes and gave her one last stroke and shed many, many tears.
I’m not sure she can be replaced.


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  1. Just remembered you had moved blogs so was catching up. So sorry about having kitty put to sleep 😦 19 is amazing for a kitty though. Mimi is 7 this year and I keep reminding myself to pay more attention to her as she’s a bit neglected these days.

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