Welcome 2009?

A good Christmas was had, if a little hectic. All the days merged into a feast of either hyper activity or prolonged sofa sitting. When it was busy it was hellish and many vows were taken to not repeat the performance, although come November I have no doubts that I will cheerily be taking it all on again.

As yet no resolutions have been made, apart from the hazy get fit/lose weight ones. What is really biting at the moment is the sheer horridness of longterm unempoyment and the uncertainty of it all. It’s rotten, I hate it and want to hibernate til it’s all over. At least we haven’t all killed each other yet, living in each others pockets.

Things have not been assisted by a certain 2yr old,soon to be 3, flexing his muscles and really pulling out all those tasty 2 yr old tricks involving biting, hitting, breaking brothers lego models, wrecking the tree,refusing food, running off fast on walks, shouting ‘NOOOOOO’on a continual loop, waking up at 3:30am for no reason, drawing on walls, sofas, tables, carpet, refusing to wear a nappy AND refusing to sit on the potty, crying when anyone threatens to leave the room and wrecking brothers room the minute after it has been tidied.

edit: the above was written yesterday which was a hard day small kid wise, today was better but he did bite his older brother twice for no reason which is hard to deal with and not very likeable.

I made a very quick but beautifully pretty and functional fabric ‘box’ today as a birthday present. The tutorial and pics are here, will post my pics tomorrow. It’s a wonderfully simple pattern even though it is pieced and I made it in about 2.5 hours. Hubby liked it so much he wants me to make one for the kitchen top for our keys and phones!!


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