Gone Right Off the Boil

Haven’t run for 3 days and will not be running for the next 2 days either. Hubby is going to Eastbourne for sea breezes, beer and a well earned break so there is no-one to check the little terrors haven’t set their bedroom alight or shimmied down a drainpipe using their bedding in the evening.
Not running for the 2 days and my upcoming stint as a face painter at our local school fair is sending me into somewhat of a tailspin, anxiety wise. Although I know it will go ok I am panicking about the details. It is always so busy and there is no let up at all for the 2 hours you are there, it sounds silly to say so, but it is very pressured. I’m not sure I will volunteer next year – this will be my 2nd yr of running the stall and my 4th painting. But no doubt by next year i will have forgotten all this stress and will put my hand up again.
Am going to hop on the bike tonight and cycle me up some mileage to get me out of this funk, I think what they say is true – when you stop running for a while you do feel dreadful.


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