My ‘Mothers Back Twinge’ made a reappearance last night, resulting in a 1.5mile Juneathon walk rather than ‘slightly faster than walking’ jog. I must have picked Pip up whilst he was trying to escape or drive the car – his two most favourite activities.
Other than that the day was uneventful in the way that days are. Well actually it wasn’t, having reminded myself by contorting my torso to look at my bulletin board (see above – it’s the thing with writing on above the bibs and bags)
I went to Salto – a local gymnastics club that holds toddler sessions, took Pip and he chased a little friend around for 2.5 hours.
Then I went to a parent/child numeracy session at school, which, in my opinion, has come approx 10 months too late. It’s supposed to help you work with your child on maths and give you strategies for coping with their problems. What it did was show you a teachers lesson and how column addition and subtraction was taught to the kids and then get you to practise it with your kids, then talk about it without kids for an hour. I’ve spent a better 2 hours but will continue to go. I doubt very much any child who is above national average standard will gain anything from it, yet 3/4 of the parents there were parents of high achieveing kids, naturally I don’t include myself in that group.
I’ve also been trying to find my friend who commissioned this bag, to give it to her – she’s vanished off the face of the earth!


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