Still here, still Juneathoning

I have been running each day since the 8th June, just 1.2miles a day but it is movement and it’s getting better. Each time we go out we get a few seconds quicker and the last couple of times we have not stopped for a walk break.
Although long term having a rest day between runs is obviously the way to train properly, because we are not running far running everyday isn’t a really big deal.
What I have noticed is I feel good after the run rather than wanting to call an ambulance, I feel ok during the run and am not creeping along as much, I am not doing any run ‘avoidance’ which I had been doing before June.
I have also noticed that my shoes are not comfortable and should I up my mileage I need properly fitted shoes. I am also in need of joggers and t-shirts – but don’t want to buy a big size so will wear what I have until it falls off me in shreds!

In other news – have started sewing a bag for a private ‘commission’ and bought some fab 100% cotton fabric that was £2 a metre! bargains! teachers totes here we come!!


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