back on track

so, after falling off the juneathon bandwagon for 1 day (with a very good non-breathing child excuse), we are back with a 16:20 1.35mile. Maybe it’s because I didn’t want to leave Pip with his Dad whose expression of terror of being left for 20 minutes with a sick child all on his own did not instill confidence, or maybe it was the rest day, I am plumping with the Galloway Rest Day for my 40 second improvement as I have every confidence in my darling husband.
Anyhow, yesterday was Open Day at the Rec Club where I take the kids to tennis. I knew it was quite big, but when my mouth dropped open in drooling fashion on the way to getting a coffee it was certainly revealing. There were lots of photographs on display and I was basically nose to photo with them ooohing and aaahing. The Photo Club people could see they’s caught a live one. So they told me when, how much, how often etc and all I have to do now is convince the darling husband that £25 a year plus club membership (about £35 per year) and freedom from parenting on Tuesdays 8-10pm are the way forward.
I may have roped my darling friend Chappers (Jackie but referred to as Chappers in this house, with great affection 😉 ) in as well. Hurrah! I’ve wanted to do something like this since I was 18, maybe 16. Let’s see shall we?

Distance – 1.35mile
Time – 16:20
Felt – great
maltesers eaten – about 10
cleaned up toddler puke – 3 times in different places


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