8:15am run Ouch

Woke up around 7am thinking about this whole month of running thing coupled with a month of eating sensibly.
Sam must have heard me get up as he shot up like a sprite, just in case i went without him I suppose.
We left around 8:15 once Jackie arrived, to my eternal shame I was jogging and Sam was just walking fast next to me. He’s 9 and 4ft6 (or so). But I plodded on and managed 1.35miles in 17 mins 20sec including a 1 minute walking break.
The rest of the day was spent avoiding kids mess, ironing, reading papers, ignoring loud and whiny 2 yr old, forgetting to do dinner on time and watching the 30mins of Baryard that we did Sky+ about 7 gazillion times.

so, totally ripping off jogblog (do go and read)
Distance – 1.3miles
Time – 17:20
combined age of companions – 91 yrs (1x42yr old, 1x40yr old, 1×9 yr old)
# of slower pple passed – 2
# times i wished i’d run in the last 2 weeks – about 54


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