Darn it

my running blog has been disabled.

Maybe they knew that I really wasn’t getting the running vibe going on this time.

I’ve just had to re-request access. I cannot face having to put in 7 weeks worth of pretty rubbish running stats again. Let’s just say I am still fat, have not lost weight and can only run a 12 minute mile…only 1 of them anything more than that and my stats drop to 14 minute miles (for the 1 3 mile run i have done). Rain has stopped play for today in the running stakes but at this rate it’s going to take 6 years to run 5k in under 30 minutes.

so i am putting my buckeye outdoors widget on this blog. I don’t know how other runners put lots of runs entered into Buckeye onto their blogs but when I do it it’ll only do 1. Maybe because I have no gadgets (garmin, nike+ or anything at all except a Special K heart rate monitor watch).

I have been tidying up the garden and am really pleased with it. Have dug up loads of very old shrubs, by old I mean about 10 years old, my garden is small and cannot cope with large shrubs, nor can it cope with 3 boys and numerous footballs/basketballs but at least I can get rid of old shrubs. Will post pictures when it stops raining.


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