Laying low

This greeted me on Monday, my poor little guy all puffed up and swollen with an accompanying red rash that made me cry.
After the school run we stood at the Doctors Surgery until it opened and got an emergency appointment. Many tears (from me) and a prescription for Loratidine later we were on the mend. Doc said it was heat rash, Sunday was hot and we went for a long dusty bike ride at Marston Vale (a tale of sore knees and nice cake), and she said it was likely that he was just out in the sun too long.
As much as I like my Doc, I do think she was wrong. The rash was not where clothes had been worn it was where skin was bare and it progressed to cover all his body on Tuesday. The swollen eye was a mystery, but I think the dusty conditions of the bike ride and the high pollen count probably contributed to it, Loratidine did work in soothing the rash and reducing the swelling. I am convinced the harsh sun brought out a non-specific viral rash, he’s had them before and will no doubt have them again until he’s a little bigger. Munch gets rashes too, Sam gets worryingly high temperatures.

He’s better now, esp after a 35p Ikea Ice Cream.

All these following pics are taken pre-illness.
King of the Hill (well Prince of Playground, but a fearful Prince)Asleep in friends car after bike ride – note the shoe in hand and wildly inappropriate car seat for a child his age (my fault not friends).
This is ‘dinner refusal but will eat breakfast all day’ after the bike ride, photo taken specifically to document the ‘non-crust’ eating foibles of the smallest child in this house.

I have avoided both the gym and running this week. It’s not been a good week and it is continuing to be a very sucky week, Hubby’s job is in jeopardy (the reality of working in the house building industry is that we have to ride the waves of recession in a harsh way – he has been made redundant twice in two years).

I am not loving life so much at the moment.


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