Not Green Thumb

I enjoy gardening, but not the bit where you are trying to do something (like weed or dig) and you have to keep an eye on:-

  • the 2year old who still has a penchant for putting stuff in his mouth (stones, cat poo that has been missed from the cat poo trawl before kids are let out of garden (he hasn’t done this yet but I am waiting, I am sorry this is so disgusting – but I have worse tales to tell))
  • the 2 year old who wants to escape through the wrought iron gate into the outside world.
  • the 5 year old who likes to indiscriminantly dig (nice new plants, shingled bedding etc)
  • the 5 year old who likes to hit tennis balls. Hard. Over the fence. Tennis balls are not cheap.
  • the 9 year old who just wants to sword fight with everything that moves (although he is brilliant at making up complicated games that his younger brother joins in with, not so brilliant at fair minded rules)

granted the 2 older ones are at school during the week, but all that means is that I have to handle Harry Houdini by myself. Preferably under lock and key.

So in the hope that I can both keep the kids under control in my very tiny garden and not let them wreck any work that I do we have engaged someone to come and treat our sorely in need of feeding lawn. Our lawn was nice when we moved in, and then we happened, we have no idea how to keep a lawn – patenetly from the photos – and over the years it has been neglected and then neglected some more. The new chap (Green Thumb) is going to get the lawn all better with chemicals (poor poor environment) and all we do is mow it. We’ve even been doing that all wrong, we’re cutting way to short.
So, armed with hope, luck and chemicals our lawn should improve from it’s current state.

To further furnish you with details of our sadly neglected outer space there are some photos of tut central (tut being a work we use for rubbish/debris/not useful stuff).

may 08 garden
Originally uploaded by toniann.


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