Flickr Favourites:- Bags

Flickr Favourites:- Bags
Originally uploaded by toniann.

1. Tote, 2. lotta jansdotter bag, 3. Flowing Dots Tote, 4. lotta jansdotter, 5. Vintage blue and yellow bag, 6. patchwork pottery & bag, 7. Tree bag, 8. messenger bag 1, 9. Bag, 10. Wallet, case and coin purse, 11. Bag, coin purse and case, 12. more bags, 13. buckle bag, 14. Diaper Bag, 15. Simple Sewing Tote Bag, 16. Zarah’s Hand Sewn Bag

Oh how I love bags.

I flciked through flickr, scouting for some inspiration bag wise. Looks like I am drawn to the muddy autumnal palette of olive green, grey, brown. Maybe that’s the practical mum of 3 boys in me.


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