Can I Narrow it down to 7 things?

I’ve decided to jump on the 7 things meme (that’s what it’s called right?) seeing as it left the dock weeks ago, I’ve taken the liberty of using the lovely and funny Margarets prompt as in invite and in years to come my kids can look back at this list and shudder quietly to themselves.

  1. I have to have the washing up done and table wiped before I leave on the school run. Even if it means we cut it really fine before the doors close, I cannot bear to come home to it. For that matter I always wash up once our main meal has been eaten because I know that Steve will let it sit there for a while and I CANNOT BEAR THE THOUGHT of washing up sitting up festering. Maybe that’s part of the reason I don’t have a dishwasher (bar having no space or money for one) – I cannot bear how long it takes those things to wash things up…
  2. It takes 10 minutes to leave the house with the kids, whether it’s with just Pip (2) or with Pip & Munch (5) or with Pip, Munch & Tiddly (9). Lots of shouting goes on in those 10 minutes.
  3. I love, love, love US Drama. I don’t watch anything else virtually. CSI & CSI New York, Cold Case, ER, Grey’s Anatomy, House etc etc I do appreciate a bit of well made British tv, usually BBC commissioned, but to be honest it’s a rare beast, but recently my boat has been floated by Cranford, Sense & Sensibility and Ashes to Ashes.
  4. I hate buying shoes, they are expensive and never fit. Hence my skanky feet are always in skanky shoes. I hate buying clothes too and only buy cheap brands. I don’t feel I deserve more expensive clothes (I’m too fat and have no money) and Steve never buys anything new to wear, just to make me double up on the guilt.
  5. I loathe washing kitchen floors and cleaning ovens, loathe it. To the depths of hell.
  6. I really wish I had travelled more and tell my kids that they must travel and see the world when they are old enough.
  7. I alwasy feel like my right arm has been cut off when my broadband or laptop isn’t working.

I think that’s enough insecurity for one day don’t you?


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One response to “Can I Narrow it down to 7 things?

  1. margaret

    Oh, I can relate to so- much on your list of seven! 🙂

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