Been trying to use Word 2007 to blog because it’s a lot easier to format the text all pretty and stuff. BUT failed miserably and spent all afternoon doing it.
Am giving out my little purselets to friends for ‘field testing’ – I want to make sure they are hardy and don’t fall apart in a heartbeat before o take it any further, although I do have business cards and a stamp – am being a bit previous with myself and not focussed on actually making the things, but I am sure that I’ll get there.
I wanted to post a wishlist of things I yearn for, so this is more of a picture spot thing rather than a list, as the list format sucks.
Alexander Henry Kleo in Choc Book Recommendation via Pink Chalk Studio
Beautiful Doo-dad purse by Elisa Lou
Making Memories Noteworthy Journalling book

Sew What! Skirts

Print Gocco from Print Addict Japan on Etsy

Wacom Bamboo A6 tablet

Instead of this gorgeousness I have this:-


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