Fabric is my new friend

I am spending a lot of time gazing in awe at some amazing needle skills. Am not going to post pics as I haven’t asked permission because these ladies do not know me and they’d think I’m strange…..but here are some links:-

http://tulapink.com/?p=7 – The Full Moon Forest Fabrics for Moda are wonderful, plain and simple. Like the Green Colourway the best.

http://pinkchalkstudio.com/blog/2008/03/07/sugar-spice/ – This quilt is fantastic, loving the polka dot on the back, loving the Bento Box Pattern (look at me using all technical speak – just read Kathy Mac’s post – it’s in there). All the things on this site are fabulous, even the explanation on how to press.

http://www.splityarn.com/split_yarn/2007/06/sew_a_zippered_.html – I nearly wet myself when I found this tutorial on lined zippered pouches. The quality of this lady’s work is such that I’ve ordered one of her coin purses from Etsy.

http://sewmamasew.com/blog2/?p=291 – you would go cross eyed and then blind before you found something repeated on this amazing site. This particular page is a round up of things to make for Christmas, but most of them apply to all time of the year. I particularly love the Wellness Bag (earmarked for 2 of my friends birthdays).

http://www.thimble.ca/ – there are always a ton of great links on the posts here. I particularly enjoy the flickr links as I seem patently unable to unearth treasures on flickr.

http://threebears.wordpress.com/2007/10/15/little-boxy-pouch-tutorial/ – this lady doesn’t seem to post that often but this tutorial is a real find, it’s from one of the flickr links from Thimble.

http://jcaroline.typepad.com/ – awesome and I love , love, love this fabric range and this looks interesting = would make nice nintendo cases for boys.

Must take some pictures, make all this a bit more interesting.


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