Slip Sliding Away….

Time that is, it’s time that is slip slididng away (thereby betraying my 70’s MOR childhood – a childhood steeped in the genius James Taylor (gosh he looks old now), Carol King (I know all the words to all the songs on Tapestry even though I haven’t listened to it in about 10 years – note to self – get Tapestry on itunes – and other less memorable artistes).
Wow that has sucked me into a time warp.
I remember as a kid I only taught myself guitar so I could play like James Taylor (which I can’t) and I always desperately wished I could sing and play piano like Carol King (which I can’t). Music played an important role in my poor little only child life. It was my friend, my solace and my deep joy. To find my oldest son loving to play and desperate to learn makes me giddy with excitement. I fawn at the music teachers feet, man I am such a creep, but for my boy to find something he loves so much he writes his own music (badly I might add he’s no Beethoven) – well it’s inspirational.
He plays the Euphonium by the way. Not rock star material, very British brass band stuff.


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  1. Marja

    oooh I have the Color of your Dreams album by Carol King. An old boyfriend bought it for me when I was 21 (he was 36 or something). I LOVE it and still have it. Might have to load it onto the computer and save it onto my iTouch!

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