Dear Internet

Today blogland sucked 2.5hours out of my day. The tumble dryer has been tumbling dry clothes for at least half of that. Couple that with all morning spent at the gym and hunting for colouring pencils, not a lot has been achieved.

I now have to squeeze 3 hours worth of household things into 15 minutes and combine it with waking up, giving lunch to and taking out the Pipster to collect his brothers.

ebay sucked up a bit of time too in my endless and largely fruitless search for plastic spray bottles with which I can get my whole natural/green cleaning thing going, because as a true crafter – I can’t do it if I haven’t got new and shiny tools.

and in the words of the wonderful Cathy Zeilske “You must like cheese a lot, because if I didn’t know better, I’d SWEAR that’s what your ass is made of.” Of course she wasn’t talking to me…..unless my bum is so big you really can see it in Minnesota.

Update: I now have only ten minutes to get stuff done.


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