Half Way Through

a lot and not a lot going on apart from bad photography, ironing and lots of forward rolls.
I haven’t managed to keep up with Anna’s 365 blog in terms of pictures, well in terms of anything really, but I knew it would be hard to maintain – even for a month. So instead I am going to commit to simply doing weekly pics, good and bad moments/hair/fatness etc and see how we go. Anyway I started to journal and stick so I have totally wasted a loevly journal if I stop now. Steve asked if I was going to journal how miserable I have been for the past 3 weeks, I am considering it.

I have been sewing and really enjoying it. Blogland is great for inspiring you to move your butt and cut stuff out. Am deeply inspired by these people sewing wise:-

Bling – see other post on red velvet kit club

J – For The Record – one of the Label Tulip designers who also sews wonderful book/album covers/ blankets and other deeply cool stuff. she’s the one who has inspied me the most I must say.

Wee Wonderfuls – lovely toys (I have her robots pattern and they are 3rd on my list to make after bday pressie for Sharon and a Nintendo case for Sam)

WiseCraft – oh the fabic flowers are simply divine and incredibly simple. I put these on the bag and pencil roll case I made.

Glittergoods – lovely quilting blog.
and finally
the wonderful Pink Chalk Studio – this lady is simply marvellous, if you can find her pencil roll it will bowl you over.
Looking on Etsy is also valuable for inspiration. I am thinking that when i have some money (January is such a hard month) that I will buy birthday gifts from there if I cannot make them myself. I am all about sustainable, non-commercial, no lead, quirky gifts (in thoughts rather than actions at the moment).
I broke my cheap tripod this morning – just the extra height wind up bit, so everyone i take photographs had better be sitting down or be very short.

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