Catch Up

I am in yet another lazy good for nothing slump. Not helped by my weekend at the spa where all good intentions went down the pan and I did no exercise at all and just mooched about with my friend waiting for dinner!

The spa was very nice busy very very busy. We were always on the watch in the hydrotherapy suite for a seat or a spot in the water. The experience showers did not work once when we tried them (many times) and the only sauna rooms that were free were the ones that smelt like Steve’s old footie socks.

However the food was wonderful and the rest of the hotel was very well appointed. Our room was very nice too – no view at all but large and comfortable.

I am trying to do this ‘365’ thing but have missed a day – i may put a placeholder in for the missing day or perhaps just forgive myself and just miss it out. These are the photos processed so far:-

I will stick these in a journal and write down why i took them and maybe the quote from Anna’s site.


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