Advent Swap – A Scrappers Delight

I am taking part in an advent swap within my little team over on UKS, we’ve done it for a couple of years now and it’s truly a wonderful thing.
Here’s how it works……

  • You list your likes/dislikes
  • You get a swapee given to you by the organiser
  • You look at what your swapee likes/dislikes
  • You go shopping
  • You panic at how close it is to Dec
  • You panic you haven’t wrapped anything
  • You panic you haven’t got a wrapping/tag strategy (we’re talking crafters here people)
  • You get everything wrapped & tagged but not as you’d wish
  • You panic you haven’t got a box large enough
  • You panic that your Hubby might see how much you’ve spent
  • You fling your kids into the car and hurtle towards the Post Office at dangerous speeds
  • You Post the Box
  • You relax
  • You receive a HUGE box from your swaper
  • You wait til Dec 1
  • You unwrap a little present each day til Dec 25 and revel in the gorgeousness that you receive each day and are thankful for being a scrapbooker with even more stash

I’ll update my banner every 5 days to show you 5 days of gorgeousness.


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