23rd October 2007

23rd October 2007

Playing with Light

Using a 15s shutter speed, a green glow stick and a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver.

Went swimming – Pip tried to drown himself about 52 times. The toddler pool was so warm I think he thought he was in the bath and was trying to ‘pretend swim’.

Munch totally wimped out of swimming in the big pool even though he gave it the big ‘I’m going to swim underwater’ vibe beforehand.

Me and Sam went into the jacuzzi without realising we had to pay and ‘stole’ these peoples bubbles! Am still feeling guilty now, but they did not say anything to us.

took Sam and Munch to the Disco, but they both declined to participate and stung their Dad for very expensive glowsticks before coming back and causing some more trouble before going to bed.


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