My First Big Grown Up Crop

Got up at some ungodly hour on Saturday morning, picked up Joni & her friend. Drove in generally the right direction to here.

Then we unloaded all our rubbish and scrapped for 7 hours. SEVEN WHOLE HOURS. So how come I only got 3 layouts done? The event raised over £900 for cancer research and was fabulously organised. Gosh it must be hard work organising a really good crop.

Since then it’s been hard to muster the energy to do anything at all craft wise. I must get my sewing machine out and hem my trousers before we go on holiday next week. I am so short and round I cannot fit into petite sizes whose leg length would fit me, so i get normal leg lenth sizes and then have to chop the trousers off at the knees! If I had a purely selfish wish it would to be taller. It would make a big difference. Honest. I could actually close the kitchen window without needing a soup ladle to grab the handle. It’s given me an idea for a LO thoug so it’s not all bad.

We are going to a place called Sandy Balls next week for half term. It provokes much amusement and smirking when I tell people where we are going, I should say we are going to Dubai or Guatalahara or something to shut them up.


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