Oh god I am that weird stalking scrapper

ok – so you know that I stick bit of paper and photos to bigger bits of paper. Not in a particularly stylish or creative way, but it passes the time and allows me to spend Hubby’s money for a ‘reason’ rather than for no reason at all (because let’s face it I’d spend it anyway).

The magazine I’ve always bought and will always buy is Simple Scrapbooks. Its design ethos appeals to me and it’s designers always hit the spot. I cannot tell you how excited I was when I discovered Cathy Zeilske had a blog, nor can I tell how sad I was when she stopped blogging for a while. But my little secret, the one that I don’t share because I’m afraid she’ll become popular and famous and everyone will realise how great her designs are and how funny she comes across is Margaret Scarborough. You know it’s like when you like a band and you hope that no-one else finds out about them because they’re ‘yours’……

So imagine how bonkers I went when I saw the lovely Margaret had left a comment on my bday pic post. Of course no-one but a scrapper would understand or appreciate this so for my non-scrapping friends (Sharon, Jackie) this is like The Police leaving a message on my answer phone.

So if Margaret had a bundle of comments on her blog all the time I’d leave little comments every so often, but she doesn’t, so if I left comments they’d flag up as ‘that weird stalking scrapper’ again.

Go see Margaret’s Month at Simple Scrapbooks and you’ll see what I mean 🙂

In other news, me and my phone are getting married (bigamy I know but who’s gonna tell?) I have taken a bundle of pics on it plus some video – if I can load up the software tonight I’ll share on here. They’re worth waiting for – Tiddly running up and down outside the swimming pool with the buggy, me and Pip (I look about 102), a tired Pip, some of my shopping, my running shoes (man they take a pounding) etc etc I bet you cannot wait!!!!



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2 responses to “Oh god I am that weird stalking scrapper

  1. blackcatmimi

    I love her work, her LOs are fantastic! I’ve seen them in various publications lately. Might have to scrap lift some!!


  2. margaret

    You are too sweet! My husband always kids me and tells me that my fan club is probably up to about 4 or 5 people now…I’m thinking it’s more like 6! 🙂

    Thanks for making my day. And, don’t worry, the check’s in the mail!ht

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