Busy Month but Nothing to show for it

I’ve got out of the blogging habit, especially during July which has been busy this year. One nieces 21st, anothers wedding, Munch turning 5,making the teachers presents etc etc. Once you get out of the habit it’s hard to get beck into it. Much like WW. My eating is spiralling OOC (out of control) these past 2 weeks and I need to get back to some sort of normal.

Planning for the Summer is never easy what with the weather, lack of funds, age gap of kids and stuff. Tiddly is doing tennis next week whilst Me, Munch and Pip secretly go swimming because if we told Tiddly he’d do his nut. Then we have lots of time with Papa because he’s angled some down time between jobs, good old Daddy!

There is a crop in amongst it all too, but I haven’t scrapped in ages. I made bags for the teachers though, that was hard work but I loved creating things out of fabric, I’d do more if I didn’t have to wrestle with everything everytime and then I have to clear the dining table for tea!

Pip is doing well walking, it’s second nature to him now and I’ve sort of figured out how he operates. He’s one of lifes observers. He studies things, finds out how they work or tick or move. Then he quietly tries it out – if it’s not perfect straight away he’ll leave it til he’s watched some more and then give it another go. Once he’s got it there’s no going back and he’s like a total pro. I am convinced he won’t speak until he’s 4 and then it’ll be in straight sentences.


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