oh how I love today

because today this plopped onto my doormat.

It’s a constant source of inspiration and gives me a kick in the pants creatively as this month I’ve mostly been watching US Crime Shows (CSI, CSI:New York, Criminal Minds) plus US Hospital shoes (House, Greys Anatomy) and US Fantasy shows (Heroes). It doesn’t leave a lot of time for scrapping let me tell you.
So, as my butt gets larger whilst watching these shows, my hoard of stash is not magically diminishing itself, nor is the ironing getting done either.
I also bought these a couple of days ago:-
Amy Karols ‘Bend The Rules Sewing’ rocks the house down. Well explained, good diagrams and funky ideas. What more could you ask for? I am going to make everything in here except the hairband (I’m too old for hair bands) and the dog collar (although I might make it for Barney if he promises not to eat Pip next time we’re up Jackie!!)
The Fabric Gifts book doesn’t rock my world I’m afraid, it’s not folksy enough for me and is a bit too precious. I wouldn’t be able to afford the fabrics and the designs just aren’t me.

and Radiohead? I love ’em. This album may be a gazillion years old but I haven’t had money in a gazzillion years and I could only buy their albums when i had money and time to listen. Well now I still don’t have money but this was under £5 and I can listen to it whilst pounding away at the gym.

Talking of pounding, I took a right pasting yesterday afterschool. Don’t worry I wasn’t set upon by Year 6 or anything, I went to train for the 5k which is in 2 Saturdays time. I have been doing 4k at the gym, albeit running/walking and felt quite comfortable. But oh my word running OUTSIDE, in the REAL WORLD, with HILLS, WIND and lots of other (mainly small) people is terrifying. I was basically last but stayed the course. I foresee a lot of grinding of teeth and sweat in my future.
Oh and weight wise – I stayed the same this week (must have been the packet of jaffa cakes and Chinese Takeaway at the weekend??????) but have still lost a total of 12lb. Not too shabby eh? I’m still a tub of lard though, just a slightly smaller one.

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