in other news

I am never making cauliflower and broccoli soup again, it is the rankest of the rank. Even ryvita seems attractive after eating that green goo.

Also in other other news I have moved from the couch to 5k running plan to Bob Glovers running plan as it was kinder and 2 weeks longer (I need kindness and those extra 2 weeks believe me).
Last week I ran:-

  • warm up 5 min
  • run 5 min
  • walk 2 min
  • run 5 min
  • walk 2 min
  • run 5 min
  • ring 999 and ask for oxygen and defib.

I only managed to get to the gym once this week (Hubby said I needed a break – he doesn’t understand what sort of break I need!) but ran 5 min/walk 2-3min repeated 3 times without too much discomfort. On Monday (weigh in day Have lost 8lb so far having missed last weeks session dur to choc fountain in Staffs) the plan is to:

  • run 6 min
  • walk 90 sec
  • repeat twice more (total running 18 mins)

this should put me on 3.5k. It’s a tall order though but I am finding a strict routine is working better than listening to my ‘body’ – my body has been lying to me about needing chocolate for 30 years – it’s not going to tell me the real deal with running now after 4 weeks now is it?

just be grateful I am not allowed to take my phone in the gym so I can’t take a pic of my beetroot face after all that exertion (maybe if the locker room is quiet i will give it a go on Mon)


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  1. Marja

    wow you are doing great with the weight loss! i need to lose 2st eventually, totally sucks. love the new blog banner!

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