a few more days in and it feels normal

well it feels normal enough not to want to chew the arms of the sofa and drink 18 gallons of full fat milk.

I have a couple of rocky WW days – yesterday I made some chocolate crispies for the kids and got so overwhelmed by the whole melted chocolate thing that I had to lick the spoon and bowl several times. If only this had fixed my craving, but no I had to go the whole hog and actually eat a whole chocolate crispie. Stupidly I decided that foregoing lunch would make up for this transgression (stupid stupid what am I?15?). I then ate Sam’s leftover cripsie when he decided that he didn;t like them (he is such a chocolate purist the heathen). I had broccoli soup and ryvita for dinner, everyone else had spag bol but I had donated bits here and there and there ended up being not quite enough for me.

No gym today as I was looking after my friends children, I missed it desparately – I cannot do it at home or early in the morning. I’ll see if Hubby will let me out tomorrow to do it.

Scrapped twice – one a scraplift of the brilliant Margaret Scarborough and the other a total disaster! I’m not proud I’ll get them scanned in and I’ll put them up here. I’m just glad I’ve used a bit more of the stash mountain that I plan to add to this Sunday!!

Sam had his shirt signed by Leon Barnett at the footpall presentation evening. What a coup!!

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