His first haircut

His haircut turned him into a mad monster

His haircut always takes the longest as he has so much bloody hair!

That is not me cutting their hair. Me, scissors and small boys are not a good combination!


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3 responses to “Haircuts

  1. Audrey

    At least you dare to venture into that area… I shrink from it and leave it to hubby to do it! Great job anyway!

  2. Marja

    Cute they all got their haircuts at the same time. Pip seems to be ok with it so that’s good… I think most kids scream their heads off at first don’t they? Your middle son makes a cute monster and your eldest is really handsome. Striking blue eyes with the dark hair. You’re gonna have your hands full when he is a teenager!!

  3. Toni-Ann

    Believe me Marja I have my hands full now with that little devil, 8 year olds are a horrid breed.

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