We’re Heading for a Crafty Weekend

We collect milk bottles – how cool are we? Milko hates us when we put 10 bottles out all at once, so much so that she only takes 6 of them and leaves the others to their peril on our doorstep. She only comes every other day so they are kicking around for a while, gives them a bit of street experience though, which is always a useful thing to have living where we live. My word you can see empty milk bottles, washing up liquid and cans of beer & beans on the window sill – what is this student digs?????

Church accounts signed and out of here, hurrah! It’s a right royal pain, and I am not even a qualified auditor, hell I’m a qualified nothing (half qualified insane but that’s nothing to brag about is it?).

Still have a few projects on the go, and as the Church Treasurer was here this morning the house is tidy and relatively clean (well clean has so many meanings don’t you think?), I made him wait for half an hour before coming around because the house was such a tip, I said to him when he came ‘there is no way I am going to let you see me living in a tip’ even thought that is how I live most of my life. 3 boys do not make for a tidy house.

Big consternation this morning in the house when ‘meme’ was lost, ‘meme’ being the toy of choice and weapon of mass destruction both at the same time, I do so love the efficiency of that whole deal. ‘Meme’ could take your eye out at 20 paces and I do believe that Pip’s eye was very nearly out on several occasions whilst he was unguarded when i was making the tea. ‘Meme’ is an elastic band (red) and a large paper clip (stripy) made for Sam by his school friend, said schoolfriend will be throttled next time I see him.

You will also be pleased to note, dear reader, that Pip slept the whole night through last night. Rather, I slept the whole night through. What a breakthrough. Now I have spent the whole day with a nonspecific headache, maybe it’s Sky+ at 2am withdrawal symptoms.

I have a Sunday School project to finish (well start & finish) which will consist of paper flowers/straws & plant pots plus a zillion mini albums to make and minipics to print. If Pip sleeps tonight I will do some of them then.

Stamperama is on Sunday at Stevenage, I may go and window shop as I have overspent March already with purchases and prospective purchases but the odd StazOn may slip into my bag (ink pad of choice if only for the aroma).

Pip being pantsless by the washing machine door – his version of heaven.


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  1. DonMcK

    TAB — loved “hearing” your voice in this blog. We must catch up soon!!! We are on holiday in Vail, CO (don’t cry for me…) now, not returning to Phoenix for another 10+ days.

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