I keep meaning to start things, do things, finish things. All sorts of things, like sort out the boys room – it’s sort of been done but not with any ‘polish’ it looks ok but not ‘good enough’, I keep meaning to put all my washing away but always find it in my room on the toy box that is so in the way of the wardrobe we can only open one door to get stuff out – but if we moved it elsewhere it would be even more in the way. Luckily it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get a pair of joggers and a t-shirt out tof the wardrobe :).
I think my whole world needs a good spring clean, concentrating with one room at a time, but I flit from one thing to another without ever really finishing anything off. I should accept that this is me and this is what I am like, but to me it never feels like it is me, it feels like a bit of me and the rest of me will be along in a minute but she got a bit distracted along the way.
The internet steals time, the time that I should be using to better purpose, the time I could be utilising to clean, sort, create, make etc I end up following one link after another and 2 hours have gone and the baby has woken up.
It’s nearly a year since my waters broke at 31 weeks and my world turned upside down as well as those closest to me. It seems like forever and also like yesterday. It must have been a year since I had to phone a friend to pick me up on the way to school because I was in so much pain I could not put one foot infront of the other, Munch was running up the road and I was screaming at him to stop, a year since my laboured efforts at walking up the Moorlands hill to Kindy made everyone feel sorry for me, a year since I was still doing Tuesday night crops, a year since I was complaining that this pregnancy was draining my life force (always being one to overdramatise).. But overall this year has finished so much better than it started and despite the pain, the desperate worrying, the watching scraps of life struggling to make each hour in the NICU, I would still do it all over again.


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  1. Marja

    I am the exact same way as you about getting stuff done. I flit from thing to thing so only get bits of things done but nothing of everything. I would love to be the sort that could tidy one room at a time and have rooms stay tidy… but I’m not. One room may get tidied but then it’s a bomb site before the next room has been touched so I’m back to square one. No wonder my blood pressure is going up. I know it’s only going to get worse with this kid who is currently draining my life force as well!

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