what was I thinking (again)

I went to the gym today, I walked and ran for 25 minutes – my god what must I have looked like? better than sitting down and eating cake I suppose.

Very tired here, tired cranky baby, tired cranky middle kid, super-hyped-up-on-star-wars-lego-pc-game eldest kid and to top it off tired woken-up-at-4:30am-Mummy-who-should-be-in-bed-not-surfing-or-blogging.

I am going to start another footie newsletter (I have created a monster – each issue has to be better than the last) and then call it a day.

But look see what I am going to offer to the footie parents, should they so desire – a framed portrait of their kid in their football kit….

I just thought this was so fab for a little football player – a commemoration of their first year in competitive football and so so cheap (the frame is from Ikea and was £2.50 or so, the prints were 20p each), it will also help with my portraiture under pressure!

And a lovely piece of news is that Marja will be able to use all her pink stash on girly layouts, as she is expecting a little baby girl 🙂

oh and Sharon may soon have an up and running website for her photography – will keep you posted (all you hundreds of readers 😉 )


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One response to “what was I thinking (again)

  1. Marja

    I love the picture frame idea, it looks really cool! I may have to take a visit to Ikea while I can still get my car out of the garage! I’ll have to send you my boy stash once I finish my Kirk childhood LOs and live in my world of pink!

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