bloody html

I know little to nothing about html. I can refer to a link and that is about it. I did have instructions onhow to change my Title from here but now I’ve moved the Beta Blogger they’ve made things a bit more fancy and I simply cannot work out how to get my banner in my title.

So I’ve put it here in my post.

It’s a photo I took the other week when I went to Rushden, the park is lovely, accessible and picturesque. That is Munch with a stick by the tree – quite appropriate really and sums him up almost completely.

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One response to “bloody html

  1. Marja

    Love the banner, I think you really need to figure out how to use it as it woud look great!!!

    The only way I can think is to host the image on photobucket or something and then cut and paste the img code into where your previous banner’s img code was. Pretty much replace old with new. I get the feeling you already deleted the old banner though…

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