died & gone to jewellry heaven

Jaq has more talent in her little finger than i have in my whole body in my whole lifetime, she deserves to sell her stuff in Liberty’s.

I have been doing some creating but don’t feel locked into a groove yet. I can really only scrap in short spurts, but as i don’t plan anything I generally have to finish in these short spans of time that I have otherwise I lose the feel for it. I don’t go back to pieces after time and rediscover them, it has to be now or never which is pretty much how I approach life really – the problem is without planning I start something i am not happy with at the end and I don’t have the stuff I want to give me the look I need! Man I sound like John Prescott 9as well as looking like him that’s bad news)

anyway – here we are – the latest few creations – I amy not be happy with them but the kids love ’em and that’s why I do all this.


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One response to “died & gone to jewellry heaven

  1. Audrey

    Hey, those LOs are great! Remember why you scrap… to record memories of your kiddies now so that they can remember the time when they were young! Keep it up!

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