Fruit Basket!

I’m sure Marja won’t mind me reffing to her blog – but she bought this oh so gorgeous fruit basket from Homebase and I want to pay homage to it here. Sadly for me our newly furbished, shiny Homebase doesn’t have it in stock and as I was carrying 14lb dead weight of floppy baby I didn’t have time to go ask at the desk. So I will keep looking at Marja’s – I have nowhere to put it anyway, nowhere sensible.

Baby slept through last night, so to celebrate I slept all morning in bed with him – not sure how that one worked and hubby is a bit incredulous at how much time I slept. I would say well you wouldn’t know about sleep deprivation would you? but then I have to remember he pays for my stash.

I hate Mondays, mainly because it’s the whole back to school humdrum with the racing about plus we go to gymnastic club all afternoon followed by Sam’s football in the open air (shock horror) which usually means holding a pooey baby (as i forgot his changing bag) whilst extricating Munch from a bush or some trouble with big boys. We added the ‘forgotten trainers’ and ‘ball kicked over into a garden’ to the mix today. Then I had to go home and make Shepherds Pie from scratch in an hour – a tall order at the best of time let alone when you have 2 hungry children trying to steal food and a baby who wants to air his lungs.

Glad today is over really, roll on the next one.


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  1. Marja

    I came back to be nosey to see if you had done those wooden letters and saw your post about the fruit basket. I bought a 2nd one… I know they do mail order as well but don’t know what their postage terms are. With any luck you can ask them to get one from one of the other locations for you. Or, I can try and figure out how to post one to you! Lemme know 🙂

    Going to read more to see if there is an update about the letters! I’ve not started mine yet!

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