How Cute is This?

Munch was playing with his little brother – this is so sweet, I really hope they all become real close friends as they grow up. It’s something I never had being an only one so I feel quite strongly about siblings etc It must be nice knowing there’s always going to be someone who is there for you, who’s known you forever.

I have been feeling poorly, hopefully just a virus, it’s brought some stress into the house but hopefully its gone now – it kind of creeps up on you when you think you are ok and floors you again.

Have decided that I need to eat more fruit, so have sent Hubby out to get me some (nothing like having a slave do your dirty work for you), maybe it’ll brighten me up and give me some pep – if that fails I am moving onto Diet Coke then alcohol.

These are the LO’s mentioned the other day – the first one is pants as the circle is not round and is too big, the 2nd one is pants because the circle is not round – what gives? I measured and drew and checked and everything and it still came out wonky! I’m not doing it again so it goes in the album as is!!


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