Sheesh – The Heat!

I don’t think hot weather and my family go together. Poor Sam has terrible hayfever, so much so we had to hotfoot it to the docs this morning to get eyedrops after I sent Steve out too late last night to get to a chemist that was open. I slept upstairs with the baby whilst everyone else slept downstairs where it was cooler. My bones are too old and achy to sleep on the floor.

This is a nice photo – Munch and his mate Max. They’ll be in the same class in September, heaven help the teacher (she’s Head of Year 2 at the moment and Sam says she’s a bit strict)although if she can control these two she can control anyone.

I am determined to use up my scrapbooking stash before buying anymore – I have a boxful of patterned paper. I’ve said this before too. I wish my determination stretched as far as losing weight. I am off to Magaluf in August and am dreading it mainly because I am leaving baby behind but also because my fat wobbly bottom doesn’t do too well in searing Spanish sun. The problem is I don’t have much time or money or willpower………


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