Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons (in the style of Kraftwerks ‘Machine’)

Audrey put me onto this cool ribbon website –
http://www.shoeboxtrims.com/ – they do the most lush ribbons I have seen, and I’ve seen a few.

If there were a support group for ribbonaholics I think I’d have to admit my addiction and go along, you cannot believe how wonderful having a yard of gorgeous ribbon fills my day with plans and anticipation.

A boiling hot day today and Sam has been bowling and is at a friends helping him celebrate his birthday and watch the England match – the first one of the World Cup – I am not watching it as Steve has taken Munch to a party in MK and won’t be back in time to watch it – so loyal as I am I’m not watching it just in case I blurt out the result. Sam is already on pain of death if he lets it out.
The baby is asleep and I am printing out some pics to go in an Ikea photo holder (the flip over kind) – it’s been empty for about 4 years and this is the first time I’ve had plenty of 6×4 paper to print out pic. I have over 10,000 pics on my pc (admitedly about 9,950 crap ones) so I haveplenty to choose from.You could accuse me of not letting go……….


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One response to “Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons (in the style of Kraftwerks ‘Machine’)

  1. Audrey

    Ha Ha, aren’t they delicious! Have fun with those ribbons! I too have the flip over album from Ikea, and like you, it’s left empty too! Started out with good intentions but as usual, lack of time to do anything….

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