Big Guy!

so Pip went to baby clinic today – he weighed in at a massive 9lb 13oz – this is a 5lb12oz gain on his birth weight in 10 weeks and 5 days. No wonder all those ‘up to 9lb’ baby grows are very snug on him. I foresee a little babygro and baby vest shopping in the offing.
He’s been a bit difficult to settle this afternoon and evening so I am going to write down when he eats and sleeps to see if there is a pattern – seems to me his pattern is ‘lets grunt from 1am through to 5am so Mummy doesn’t get any sleep’ – I am going to attempt to Baby Whisper my way out of this or spend a few quid and phone the sleep clinic place (like I did with Munch) before I have a nervous breakdown 😉


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