No longer sick but still tired

well we seem to be over the sickness and mostly over the tiredness but I am still troubled with exhaustion. Strange really just had it for about 10 weeks, I wonder what happened??!!

Little Pip has a new nickname owing to his ever expanding girth – Buster – not sure if it will stick but we’ll give it a try.

Steve took me to Ikea today, luckily we were on a time limit as we had to pick Munch up from school. I’m not sure if it is me, or if I have been to Ikea too many times over the years or if it is because I am tired but the stuff there seems mostly a bit shabby now. I had high hopes for storage solutions for various areas in the house. Being really cheap I didn’t want to spend a lot and was very upset when some plastic storage boxes were nearly £15 – the stuff I was going to store in them wasn’t worth that much. So we got a few bits, I now know where the store is in Milton Keynes so can go once Steve is back to work without getting lost or ending up in Oxford.

MK also has a huge ASDA right next door to Ikea and a short drive away is a big Tesco, M&S, Next, TK Maxx etc – huge retail places without having to go to MK Centre – gotta be worth a visit once Pip is a bit older and not on 3 hourly feeds.

We went to the park last week. Part of my ‘must get out and get some air’ thing which normally lasts about 3 days.

Pics of the boys doing what they do best – eating and making a mess.


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